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This is a blog about converting to Judaism by me, Nellie Bowles, raised Greek Orthodox and Episcopalian, now working at the New York Times as a business reporter and hopefully soon marrying a Jewish woman. Sells itself!

You’ll get an email every Thursday night. The goal for me is: accountability to you my reader will help me get deeper into Jewish learning each week. And hopefully this turns into material for a book down the road, so I’m writing as I go.

For you: Maybe you were raised Christian like me but now are now starting toward living a Jewish life. Maybe you’re Jewish and hoping to convert your husband or wife and looking for tips. Maybe you think religion or changing your religion or non-Orthodox Judaism or lesbianism is all crazy and want to know just how exactly a crazy person thinks. I’m here for all these readers and more.

All guest essayists are compensated $300 thanks to our monthly and annual supporters — they may be few but they are mighty!

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This is an essay series about converting to Judaism and living a Jewish life


Nellie Bowles 

Staff writer for the Free Press. Specifically: the fascist running TGIF.