Another inspiring story

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Your parents responded with such enlightened grace, it was wonderful to read about. The risk to many Christians who are converting is that they will be seen as rejecting Jesus as the messiah. This is a big no-no in many groups (I think mostly Catholic and Evangelical, but I'm sure that is not a hard and fast rule).

The details of your parents' response; namely, that you will have a religion and a community is consistent with the very positive message of this blog.

I have personally been unable to find a religion I can call home in spite of a long search and a few trial memberships. My difficulties arise with the stronger points of belief, which for many in the group were dogma. My upbringing as a Roman Catholic has made me allergic to dogma and the rigid, often superficial thinking that accompanies it.

I was wondering if either you or Nellie could comment on what your thoughts are about the belief system you have entered. Are the specific beliefs important to you? Or do you see them as less than central?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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