Programming Note: Pace Will Be Slower As World Comes Back

Chosen By Choice continues, but it's time for more IRL Jewish life and learning!

This newsletter — began as a project to keep myself learning Jewishly in the winter of COVID some seven months ago, published every Thursday but two — is going to be less frequent, and for good reason! The world is coming back. In-person shul is back. In-person Jewish learning is back.

And I need to find a weekly Torah study group because my knowledge of the Torah comes exclusively from The Red Tent.

We’re still going to publish essays by converts and by yours truly as I finish this conversion journey (in September!), but it’ll be slower, special Chosen By Choice nuggets that arrive in your inbox. Hopefully that means each one will be stronger for it.

I stopped everyone’s financial contributions, so if you signed up to support this you won’t be charged going forward. But I’m not writing a goodbye note because it’s not goodbye. Chosen By Choice continues but slower. Better. More special.

Guest writers, keep sending essays in!