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On "The mission was very simple: get to these Jews." And they did. The Jews whose families came from the Soviet Union/Russia and now live in Israel have dramatically changed the country. On this, check out the articles by Matti Friedman. I do not know if that history has been forgotten or deiscarded because of the discomfort of a new generation refusing to look deeply at the complexities of history and politics. [There is no single philosophical definition of social justice--only philosophical disputes and dialogues.] But I do know that if we are to understand how to handle the many issues we confront today, we must do so with brutal honesty and with an ability to examine them with as much objectivity as we can mobilize and with an absolute commitment to speak freely about what we have learned.

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Hi Nellie,

Very nice piece. I had forgotten that the Soviet Union broke off relations with Israel after the 1967 war. That was the beginning of the current problems for the Soviet Jews whom we know who live now in San Francisco. The as-usual draconian Soviet response comes as no surprise, even as one recalls how important certain Jews were to the success of the revolution in that country.

Also, just as a note, you and Bari have turned me on to Substack, where I will begin writing soon.

All. best, Terry (www.terenceclarke.org)

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